7 Awesome Careers You Can Enter with a Criminal Justice Degree

A degree education is almost always worth the time and expense. People with a degree earn more and stand a better chance of remaining employed in a difficult jobs market. Since there are a thousand and one degree programs out there to choose from, it makes sense to choose a degree that will guarantee you employment from the moment you graduate. So is a criminal justice degree a smart move?

1. Police Officer

A criminal justice degree from Portland State University is your ticket into a number of different professions. The first, and perhaps most obvious job you can get with a criminal justice degree, is that of police officer. Once you have passed out of the Police Academy and completed your first year or two, you can choose which direction your career is going to take. Work on the frontline as a community officer or take up a specialist role as a detective.

2. Private Detective

If you fancy being a private detective, a degree in criminal justice is a good place to start. A degree won’t teach you how to track down fraudsters or missing persons, but it will give you a good grounding in law.

3. Correctional Officer

Working within the prison system is not an easy job, but correctional officers are in demand thanks to high numbers of people entering the prison system in recent years. A degree in criminal justice is an excellent starting point, but you will receive plenty of specialist training once you begin your career.

4. Probation Officer

Probation officers work with prisoners out on parole, helping them to integrate back into the community, find work and housing, and become productive members of society. This is a job where you can make a positive difference in many lives. It is a very rewarding career if you are a good fit for the role.

5. Crime Scene Investigator

Do you love watching CSI? If so, the idea of becoming a crime scene investigator is no doubt fascinating to you. This is an in-demand career, mostly thanks to popular TV series portraying the fictionalized world of a CSI officer. Still, it is a great career to get into if you have a strong attention to detail and a background in science and criminal justice.

6. CIA Agent

CIA agents work for the Central Intelligence Agency, investigating crimes all over the world. The exact job description of a CIA agent is rather vague, but you can be sure it won’t be quite like a Jason Bourne movie. Nevertheless, this is a solid career with plenty to offer the right person.

7. Immigration and Customs Officer

Immigration and customs officers are likely to have their plates full now the American people have elected Trump. Immigration and customs officers are responsible for identifying and deporting illegal immigrants. It’s a tough job, but a career in Immigration and Customs comes with plenty of benefits.

This is just a small selection of career opportunities if you graduate with a degree in criminal justice.


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