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Uber has it’s app Re-Designed to Save Passengers Time and Money

San Francisco based ride-hailing app; Uber, has it’s app redesigned in an effort to make it smarter, simpler and more fun to use.

The redesigned app will now let Uber users know how long it will take and how much it will cost them to reach their destination in different types of available cars, and it will also be in position to recommend the best places to be picked up.

The app has been redesigned to study a rider’s traveling history & a list of frequently ordered destinations, offer other services that riders might enjoy during the trip to their destination such as; check out restaurant reviews through Yelp or send messages through SnapChat or listen to music on Pandora.

However, the company isn’t just stopping at that, reports show that starting in December, the company plans to add a feature that let’s the app seek user’s personal information which might raise privacy concerns. But it will be up to users to give the app access to their calendars, so any addresses listed in an entry can automatically appear in the app near the time of the appointment.[related-posts]

The new app updates officially rolled out yesterday, though it could take a couple weeks before all Uber users get the update.

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