Openet Launches a New Business Unit for Immediate Virtualised Services

Dublin based software vendors, Openet Corp., on Monday launched a new Openet Accelerate, a dedicated business unit focused on delivering service capability using automated, virtualised, and cloud based networks to harness the latest technological innovation while developing disruptive, virtualised next generation services including VoLTE and IoT.

Openet Accelerate is providing an adjunct approach to virtualization for service providers through its pioneering Service Capsule offerings. These pre-integrated, pre-tested solutions enable CSPs to take advantage of NFV and cloud like deployments today, without the risks inherent with the massive transformation, procurement and organizational changes normally involved when adopting NFV.

In a statement, Karin O’Shea, Executive Director of Openet Accelerate, said; “This new business unit is focused on the intelligent, business aware management of dynamic, automated software-centric networks to deliver end-to-end services.”

Automated service provisioning, enabled by the business unit, will give service providers virtualisation benefits such as service agility and improved time-to-market for new services. This also allows providers to target new markets that were previously impossible due to the cost and difficulty of deployment.

“Apart from our Service Capsule offerings, we provide the building blocks to enable CSPs, MVNx, enterprises, system integrators and virtual network functions vendors to solve specific problems when building their own solutions for automated software-centric networks,” Karin said.

source: Real Wire

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