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Google Play to Fight Manipulation Attempts with Improved Detection and Filtering Mechanisms

Google on Monday announced it’s rolling out an improved detection and filtering mechanisms “detect and filter” manipulation attempts, on it’s digital distribution service platform; Google Play, with the aim to prevent app developers from deceitfully boosting the popularity of their apps and helping users discover deserving apps, apart from allowing honest developers to showcase their offerings.

The new detection and filtering systems will detect manipulation attempts such as fraudulent installs, fake reviews, and incentivised ratings.

According to a post by Android Developers, Google hopes to reduce manipulation of Google Play’s discovery systems, highlighting and recommending apps to users, adding that developers who continue to exhibit such behavior of fraud and spam installs, which violates the Google Play Developer Policy, will have their apps taken down from Google Play.

The company is reminding all Android app developers to use legitimate practices when promoting their apps, and points them to the Developer Support Resources page for clarity.

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