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Co-Founders of Vine Unveil their new Live Video Broadcasting App

Co-Founders of Vine; Colin Kroll and Rus Yusupov alongside Dom Hofmann, back in 2013 sold the Vine; a video sharing app to Twitter for $30 million and last week as news broke out, Twitter announced it plans to shut down the video sharing platform since it wasn’t performing well as expected.

According to NDTV news today, the Colin and Rus have unveiled their new live video broadcasting app, dubbed HYPE, which might act as a direct competitor to Facebook’s live videos. Launched first in the beta phase, the HYPE app is now available for download via the App Store.

However, according to it’s developers, the app will also be available for Android users, but there was no mention of when the app will be available on play store.

Let’s see if HYPE will be able to compete against Twitter’s Periscope and Facebook’s Live video efforts.[related-posts]

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