Every third week of November, Enterprise Uganda leads the country in celebrating the Global Entrepreneurship Week. This year’s event falls from 14th to 20th November. The GEW is meant to showcase the products of entrepreneurship and encourage more people to get into the act of starting their own businesses. It brings to the forefront different organisations and individuals who contribute to the growth of entrepreneurship in all sectors. This is meant to show all entrepreneurs that their businesses are not alone.

Enterprise Uganda be hosting the Entrepreneurship conference at Mulwana Hall on 17th and 18th November. This year’s theme is ‘In It to Win.’ Enterprise Uganda recognizes that is just not enough to start but also to maintain and grow your business. The two day conference is expected to attract over 1000 people per day and showcases the different products available to businesses. The conference is free and open to all people interested in entrepreneurship.

Different partner organisations are holding a spate of activities that are geared to facilitating Entrepreneurship in the country .

Some of the events to be held at different venues include;

  • “3 Great Apps from Uganda” session on Saturday 19th 11am at NFT Mawazo centre in Makerere Kivulu to entrepreneurs who want to become app developers. What does it take to make it?
  • Bayimba is holding a theatre week from 21st November at Ndere Centre. This shows how artists can make money out of their work
  • Victorium Holding to give out free ten accounting software packages to lucky entrepreneurs at the GEW conference
  • Hegle –IT to give free tips online on Wednesday 16th using the #GEWUganda hashtag. How can use ICT to grow your business.
  • National IT authority to provide free wireless at the conference to show how entrepreneurs can use ICT to grow their businesses
  • Solvit to give free training to farmers on how to manage their accounts.
  • Universities Together Empowering Development (UNiTED) to give tutorials to 50 students all around kampala on how to start a business
  • Ballast in Jinja to give free training on taxation for businesses that pass by their offices
  • Quiz night about entrepreneurship at Indulge bar Ntinda on Tuesday , Atmosphere bar on Wednesday and Tranquility bar Ntinda on Thursday
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expo on Wednesday 16th at Innovations Village Ntinda . The opportunities Innovation creates in enterprise development and job creation.
  • Unreasonable Insititute is looking for entrepreneurs to give training for 6 months and take them around east Africa to show them how other people are doing business
  • Innovent Financial to give a financial literacy game at Gabiro bar in Bugolobi
  • ICDL to give Digital Skills for entrepreneurs  ; such as using excel to keep your books, word to print documents at NFT Mawazo in Makerere . Saturday 19th  11am
  • Primetime at the pool will have talk about entrepreneurship at Makerere university.
  • Agripreneurs will hold a networking event on Thursday 17th at open bar in UMA showground ; Come meet farmers are doing farming as a business. Network and get tips .