Apple Laptop. Image Credit: Unsplash
Apple Laptop. Image Credit: Unsplash

Interbrand Inc.; a leading brand consultancy, on Wednesday this week named Apple, Google and Coca-Cola as the three most valuable brands in its 2016 Best Global Brands report. For the fourth year in a row, Apple and Google have claimed the top positions.

“It’s clear the best global brands are not just weathering change, but driving it,” says Jez Frampton, Interbrand’s Global Chief Executive Officer.

According to Interbrand, Apple’s brand value grew by 5% to USD $178,119 million, while Google’s brand value rose 11% to USD $133,252 million.

Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Toyota, IBM, Samsung, Amazon, Mercedes-Benz and General Electric (GE) round out the Top 10. Retailing company; Dior Corp. and Automotive Tesla Motors Inc. for the first time entered the Best Global Brands report, at 89 and 100 positions respectively.

The company also named the world’s five top growing brands; Facebook, Amazon, LEGO, Nissan and Adobe.

With a combined 29 positions, automotive and technology brands dominate this year’s report. Retail is the Top Growing Sector, increasing 19%, followed by the sporting and luxury sectors each experiencing a 10% increase.

Top 10 Brands

Position Brand Industry
1 Apple Computer hardware and software, Consumer electronics, Digital distribution
2 Google Internet and Computer software
3 Coca-Cola Beverages
4 Microsoft Computer hardware and software, Consumer electronics, Digital distribution
5 Toyota Automotive
6 IBM Cloud computing, Cognitive computing, Information technology
7 Samsung Conglomerate
8 Amazon Internet
9 Mercedes Benz Automotive
10 GE Conglomerate

source: Interbrand