A person is pictured sending a message using the Facebook Messenger application | Photo Courtesy : NDTV
Facebook has begun testing a similar service for its Messenger app in Frace. Image Credit: ndtv

Facebook Messenger users can now toggle the Secret Conversations feature in settings to enable the end-to-end encryption. The feature that was first announced and launched in July and rolled out in August later this year, has now been made available for nearly it’s one billion monthly active users, according to confirmations from Wired.

Unlike other social media platforms like; WhatsApp and Viber, where all messages encrypted automatically, messengers users will have to activate end-to-end encryption for every new message. However, to ensure that this new feature works, both the sender and receiver need to be using the latest version of the app.

How-To enable the end-to-end encryption:

  1. Download or update the app, you will see the Secret option in the top right corner of the new message screen.
  2. Enable it and you’ll see a notification that says, “Your messages are already secure, but Secret Conversations are encrypted from one device to another.”


The update is available for both Android and iOS.