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Yoza launches Facebook Messenger Bot to ease booking your next laundry

Ugandan on-demand laundry service startup, Yoza has launched a Facebook Messenger Chatbot (or simply – bot) to help ease booking for your next laundry.

Yoza, a service that connects local laundry service providers and dry cleaners to people who need their laundry done, previously had an Android Mobile application and a web application as means of reach.

Now they are making a big move by extending their service to reach everyone on all OS platforms with a Messenger Chatbot by taking advantage of Facebook Messenger’s new permission to send subscription messages.

In the future, Solomon Kitumba, CEO Yoza said he wants YozaBot to outperform the Yoza app and become a personal assistant that delivers personalized local laundry booking experiences.

At the end of the day, technology advancement is all about saving time or making things easier. And what can be easier than texting or messaging “Pick my dry cleaning at 2PM” to a service provider instead of wading through a website, creating a new user profile on a mobile app, or, worse, having to make a call to get an answer?

How to use YozaBot. Credit: Yoza (Facebook)
How to use YozaBot. Credit: Yoza (Facebook)

Related, the startup also announced on their Facebook page that they were expanding their laundry service to reach Entebbe town.


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