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Google is coming after Uber by turning Waze into a ride-sharing platform

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google is planning to launch a carpool-based ride-sharing service using Waze. The new feature would connect drivers and potential passengers going along the same route via the navigation app.

The service unlike Lyft and Uber, won’t act like an on-demand hailing platform for trips around town. Instead it’ll be similar to the ad-hoc casual carpool system where someone gets a ride from another person based on their commute route.

Inviting more people to hitch rides could undercut Uber, which allows people to request drivers who provide a taxi service using their own cars.

Unlike Uber, Waze isn’t trying to make money for itself or the drivers offering to share a ride. Instead, Waze sets a variable fee to reimburse the drivers for gasoline and maintenance on their vehicles. The riders pay that fee.

Waze also limits trips to a rider’s work or home, with a maximum of two trips per day. Although riders can request a ride at any time, Waze is focusing the service on providing trips during peak commute times in the mornings and evenings.

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