Have you even encountered such an error? What did you do, or rather, what do you think you had done to deserve such a response from your beloved voice and chat application? It is one of those irritating issues you are likely to face during your lifelong relationship with Skype.

I had my first horror show after close to 8 cool years of using Skype. Something had gone wrong, though I couldn’t figure out what exactly it was. I went on a wild goose chase, feeding my my google search engine, with all sorts of questions and inquiries.

By the time I identified the source of my nightmare, I had been to hell and back. From several futile reinstallations to a million password resets and my eventual search for Skype’s web version (which, by the way, does exist at: https://web.skype.com ), I had seen it all.

It was all in vain – well, almost – until one useful clue showed up on page 5 of my search results. I rarely go beyond the second page, but something nudged me to go on. And there it was. Something to do with my internet explorer browser.

Despite several updates and add-ons and versions (probably 11, now), internet explorer has never been the kind of browser to tickle my fancy. So I thought I could do without it. I had binned it, and with it went my Skype functionality.

Several times, I tried to launch internet explorer with little success. The darned browser simply couldn’t show up (I was feeling too lazy to go through a fresh installation). Eventually I had no choice but reinstall IE, and voila, my Skype was back!

I have since faced a couple of related issues, and both had similar solutions. This, of course, may not be a one-size-fits-all solution, but most errors of that particular description have something to do with IE. Sometimes all one needs to do is to update their IE to the latest version.