Huawei is reportedly looking to ditch Android Wear OS in favor of Samsung’s Tizen for its next smartwatches. The company wants to explore some alternatives as Google is cited to be “not very collaborative” for its Wear OS.

An anonymous Samsung employee told Korean newspaper JoongAng Ilbo that the two companies recently agreed to work together. The source notes that Huawei started looking for a new partner because Google “had not been very collaborative.” However, Samsung denied the rumors in an official statement to The Korea Herald.

Tizen is best known for powering the Gear S smartwatch series, along with a few entry-level Galaxy Z smartphones and some smart home appliances.

If this rumor is true it could be a huge win for Samsung, which has long promoted Tizen as an alternative to Android even as it continues to run Google’s mobile OS on the majority of its smartphones.

Credit: TechBuffalo, Android Authority