Sony’s New PlayStation 4 Pro Comes With a Faster Processor and Enhanced Graphics

Sony Corp. on Wednesday unveiled it’s high-end model, previously code-named “PS4 Neo” now called “PS4 Pro,” during a presentation at the PlayStation Theater in New York’s Times Square, WSJ reports.

The console comes with a faster processor, and enhanced graphics for 4K resolution games and video. Furthermore, the console will ship with a 1TB hard drive.

More than 43 million PlayStation 4 consoles have been sold to date, far exceeding sales of Xbox One and Wii U. Sony says they expect to sell another 20 million units by the spring (March to June).

According to WSJ, sony’s rivals are also planning to introduce new high-end gaming machines next year. Meanwhile, early last month, Microsoft began selling their smaller version of the Xbox One, dubbed Xbox One S.

PS4 Pro will be available starting November 10 this year at a cost of $399 (roughly 1.4 million UGX). The company also, stated that games from the PS4 will definitely work on the PS4 Pro.[related-posts]

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