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Facebook Testing New Feature to Encourage More Conversations

Online reports, report that Facebook has been spotted testing a new feature in the News Feed, following it’s recent test of auto-playing videos without sound. Apparently, the feature collates all the big updates from all your friends, and shows them in a separate box within the News Feed.

NDTV news reports, that the feature is called “What friends are talking about” and it relays all the missed updates from your friends and family since your last login. This feature seems to be heavily inspired by Twitter’s “While you were away” feature that pretty much does the same thing.

The feature shows up in a small dialogue box the size of your image post. It shows posts from your friends, and highlights the comments it has received.

This feature is still in test mode, and there is no details on when it will launch commercially.


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  1. Great more bandwith draining content to kill the bandwith of users with out unlimited internet…… Facebook put some money into the countries infastructure or we cant keep up with you.

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