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5 of the latest Android apps to pass time with

Queuing, going for a long ride, or waiting for someone—-these are some of the moments when you are least productive. However, with smartphones and tablets, people are offered a chance to multi-task and use their time more wisely. Some opt to entertain themselves with Android games, while some prefer to use apps that can help them grow and learn.

For entrepreneurs who own startups, time, more than anything else, is valuable. It’s better to spend an hour on Android apps that can contribute to your personal and business growth than idle away without doing anything.

That said, here are 5 of the latest apps, which you can download in Google Play, to pass your time with.

  1. Pocket

If you’re in a place with poor reception, you may find that it’s difficult to get your hands on news, videos, and blogs you’ve saved for browsing for later. Luckily, Pocket (Read It Later, Inc.) allows you to hunt and save interesting content so you can view them when you’re offline. In the latest update, you can save directly from other apps like Flipboard, Zite, and Twitter. It also auto syncs with your phone or tablet.

  1. Pinterest

Innovation can be achieved through continually looking for ideas to improve your business. If you’re under the creative team, Pinterest will be able to give you the right inspiration you need to be able to create new designs. Pinterest is a visual bookmarking app that allows you to collect online images and videos and organize them into boards. So when you are working on a new project, browsing through this app during your free time will help you visualize your plans.

  1. TED

TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) is a nonprofit organization that aims to spread innovative ideas through short yet powerful talks. With its app, you can finally feed your curiosity and update yourself on the latest issues and trends in science, technology, business, and much more. You can browse any video on the TED Talks library and save them for later viewing. All talks are full of valuable insights that might help you grow as an entrepreneur.

  1. Who Becomes Rich

If you want to have fun for a bit, then “Who Becomes Rich” is a great game for you. It’s a classic trivia game where you have to answer questions that will test your knowledge on geography, pop culture, politics, math, science, sports, and movies. You can play privately or compete with your friends. If you’re bored of the questions, you can also submit your own. The developers will review your submitted query and may or may not add it to the app. “Who Becomes Rich” will surely keep your mind working.

  1. Entrepreneur Daily

You can stay updated with the latest headlines that involve topics like management, finance, marketing, and startups with Entrepreneur Daily. This app aims to connect all business people to expert insights so they can start, run, and grow a successful business. Pieces of advice from experts and interviews are also available in the app.

For more apps, you can visit Android Out and view reviews made by expert users and app developers.


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