MTN Takes the Lead as the Most Liked Telecom on Facebook in Uganda

Last week we ranked the most followed Ugandan Musical artists on Twitter, where Maurice Kirya – (@mauricekirya), C.E.O at Sound emerged first with 85K followers, followed by Hip Hop female rapper Keko – (@KEKOTOWN) in the second position with 79K followers and Navio – (@naviomusic) in the third position with 76.4K followers [Just a recap].

Today, we rank the most liked Facebook Page in telecoms, I guess you’ll find it interesting and surprising.[related-posts]

  1. MTN Uganda, the largest ICT network company in Uganda, with over 8.9 million subscribers as at December 2015. Founded in 1998, the telecom company takes the lead as the most liked telecom page on Facebook. With their current CEO, Brian Gouldie, the page has 665 749 local fans and 770 493 in total fans.
  2. Airtel Uganda, a subsidiary of Bharti Airtel Limited, the Indian telecom conglomerate operating in over 20 countries in Asia, Africa and the Channel Islands. Founded in 1995, and Anwar Soussa as their current Managing Director, it’s page has 500 071 local fans and 589 692 in total fans.
  3. Africell Uganda [Formerly known as Orange Uganda], headquartered at 28 – 20 Clement Hill Road, was founded in 2014 with their current CEO, Ziad Dalloul, has 161 066 local fans and 170 306 in total on its Facebook page.
  4. Vodafone Uganda, best known for its internet, has 114 847 local fans and 121 960 in total fans with its current CEO John Ndego.
  5. Smile Communications Uganda, established in November 2009 with it’s current Country Manager, Steve Bannon. The company is a subsidiary of Smile Telecoms Holdings, a South African telecommunications conglomerate. Since it’s one of the leading ISPs in Uganda, its Facebook page has 45 040 local fans and 51 693 in total fans.
  6. Uganda Telecom, Founded in 2000 with its current Managing Director, Mark Shoebridge, its page did make it on our list as the sixth telecom with a number of fans that like their page. The page scored, 37 278 local fans and 107 186 in total fans.
  7. Smart Uganda, established in March 2014, the company is owned and operated by Industrial Promotion Services, a subsidiary of the Aga Khan Fund for Development. Their page made it on our list with 17 333 local fans and 19 927 in total fans, with Abdellatif Bouziani as their current CEO.
    The company is also expected to expand to Burundi and Tanzania.
  8. K2 Telecom, established in January 2013, the telecom company had about 80,000 estimated number of subscribers by February 2013, but not it’s Facebook fans. The page has 4 205 local fans and 4 703 in total fans with its current CEO as Saul Katumba Segawa.



Telecom Company Local Fans Total Fans
MTN Uganda 665 749 770 493
Airtel Uganda 500 071 589 692
Africell Uganda 161 066 170 306
Vodafone Uganda 114 847 121 960
Smile Communications Uganda 45 040 51 693
Uganda Telecom 37 278  107 186
Smart Uganda 17 333 19 927
K2 Telecom 4 205  4 703

The statistics were got from socialbakers
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  1. Follows ≠ Likes. Does a terrorist AUTOMAGICALLY become popular because he is the most watched? The title should read, “MTN Takes the Lead as the Most NOTORIOUS Telecom on Facebook in Uganda”

    1. @disqus_pz4GCKymWm:disqus Let’s focus. The button is called a Like button. I understand you have your own feelings and opinions, but those are only just that. Let’s focus the facts.

      1. no·to·ri·ous
        adjective meaning: famous or well known

        All I am saying is having the most likes is not the same as BEING the most liked.
        Albert, turn with me, if you will, to Facebook, Chapter Umeme, reading from Likes. How does that figure compare with the one for MTN? Since facebook is our “holy writ” on likes.
        I am just being fair and CALLING OUT some dodgy writing much like I did for the Vodafone wolokoso (which was worse on many levels).

    2. Jake the man is right. “Like” is a technical term here, not a measure of love or something. “Followers” is the same, not a measure of how many people are walking behind someone. When Facebook ads a button for “Notorious”, I guess we’ll see those rankings then!

  2. The article is saying “LIKE” …….. and it also has the source where the stats we got, but someone like Jake still doesn’t get this right. Maybe the guys of socialbakers are wrong.

    I have no problem with the article, but with people who take long to understand this.

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