Samsung Electronics Africa have adopted an attitude of innovation; introducing world-class technology to where it previously hasn’t existed.

It is aiming at making sure that every African child has access to education no matter where they are – be it in a rural area lacking infrastructure or perhaps in an existing infrastrastructure but lacks educational resources – by providing access to technology.

Samsung sees education as the seed of innovation and we believe digital technology can completely transform the learning process, as well as the nature of teaching and learning, to create inclusive environments for everyone.

The Solar Powered Internet Schools, Smart Schools and E-Learning Centres provide solutions that deliver on this vision, and improve the quality of learning, enhance teaching effectiveness and allow administrators to run institutions more effectively.

They work with educators around the world to improve learning experiences through the use of technology, facilitating a classroom environment that gives students access to a world of knowledge.

Through these initiatives, Samsung hopes to instill a love of learning in students so that they may have equal access to opportunities and go on to become active participants in the economy.

For example, the Samsung Electronics Engineering Academy provides extensive, hands-on training to learners in the technical field. The programme forms a core part of Samsung’s vision to fast-track the entry of African youths into the electronics job market and to reduce the shortage of scarce skills in the IT industry.