WhatsApp for iOS is getting larger emojis & music sharing

Leaked images from a German website called Macerkopf have revealed that WhatsApp is in the process of launching new features on iOS.

The features were running on a beta version of the app that has been built for iOS, which is where the Apple Music sharing seems to step in.

The screenshots showed the ability to share music that is stored locally on an iPhone, and an option that will let users share tunes from Apple Music as well.

Users will even be able to see album art appear in their chat threads along with a music icon that can be tapped to play the music.

Th images also displayed features like public groups, mentions and larger emoji.  Admins of these public groups will simply share a link for users to join these groups and at the same time will also be able to withdraw that very link to close the chat.

WhatsApp’s competitor Telegram already has some of the above mentioned features for a long time now.


Ephraim Batambuze III

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  1. WhatsApp stopped innovating ever since Facebook took over. They copied end-to-end encryption from Threema and the like, now they adapt public groups from Telegram, and they’ll probably find some Snapchat feature they can incorporate, but I’m pretty sure we won’t see unique features from them again, which is quite sad.

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