Google is Working on its Branded Android Smartphone

Google is planning a shake-up of the smartphone market by releasing its own handset, a move that would tighten its grip on mobile software and see it compete directly with the iPhone.

Sources familiar with this discussions told The Telegraph that, the Mountain View search-engine giants is in discussions with mobile operators about releasing a Google-branded phone that will extend the company’s move into hardware.

Google already develops Android OS that runs on most smartphones sold around the world, and endorses a range of phones made by partners such as LG and Huawei under the Google Nexus brand. But unlike Apple, it leaves manufacturing to other companies such as Samsung, with the company concentrating on developing the free software that runs on its phones.

Google Nexus 6P Huawei. Image Credit: TechloMedia
Google Nexus 6P Huawei. Image Credit: TechloMedia

Although Android runs on the majority of smartphones sold globally, Apple still dominates the lucrative high-end of the market. The proliferation of Android device makers, many of which apply the software differently, means Google has struggled to ensure consistency, with some smartphone owners waiting months for updates, and some manufacturers relegating Google’s own internet services which are included in Android.

According to sources, the new device which will see Google take more control over design, manufacturing and software be released by the end of the year. Its own phone would allow Google to control the software, securing the future of services such as the Google search engine and Google Play app store that run on it.

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