Image Credit: charenecreative
Image Credit: charenecreative

The Internet has proven to be a game-changer worldwide across virtually all modern industries. Entrepreneurs for all types of businesses need to be able to adapt to quickly evolving strategies, approaches, and technologies. This in itself is a challenge as it takes time and resources to vet new solutions, let alone make changes. Usually newer and smaller businesses are able to adapt more efficiently but even making sense of all the different new trends, technologies, or solutions can be a challenge. For new online business owners, here are the top, reliable web resources to help get started:

The Cloud Service Economy
Few online resources are as useful to businesses and entrepreneurs as cloud services. In simple terms, the cloud enables the best applications to be utilized by anyone, anywhere. For entrepreneurs developing cloud service applications, look to integrate with white labeled marketplace platforms like AppDirect to gain distribution to millions of businesses around the world through AppDirect’s marketplace customers.”

Brand Building Tools
Generating a recognizable online identity is difficult; the trade-off for the relatively easy access to the internet means billions of voices are competing for seconds of attention. However, the path to establishing a brand is navigable – it just takes the right tools. Fortunately, Microsoft has recently released an online toolkit to help companies build a brand. Resources like this are especially invaluable for startups running on limited finances.

Numbers Crunching Calculators
The internet is awash with calculators accessible to anyone. Ranging from interest projections, budget estimates, and even comparing rental options to property purchase, a whole host of data necessary for business success can be figured out with the help of calculators. Calculators and financial tools for almost every industry are generally available with a few clicks.

Outreach Through Social Media
Most business owners are familiar with Facebook and Twitter in their personal lives, and in today’s always connected world, social media helps connect businesses with potential customers. A social media presence is critical for businesses. Pictures of progress, products, and updates on service and sales broadcasted via company profiles across several social networks help build brand awareness and an engaged audience.

The Old Fashioned Message Board
What happens when entrepreneurs in relatively isolated environments run into problems? They can call customer service if there is any available. In cases when this is not applicable, the tried and true internet message board remains a reliable fall back option. Worst case scenario, your question has never been asked before (although very unlikely) in which case you lead the way and wait a day or two for an answer.

Thanks to the web, business owners trying to start businesses now have the means to take advantage of the best digital tools, regardless of their size or location. Knowing where to begin can seem daunting with so many tools, solutions, and platforms available. However, savvy entrepreneurs can find and use tools like these to help them get started.