MTN announces ‘Juzza’ 100% bonus promotion on Internet bundles

MTN Uganda today announced a new promotional offer dubbed “Juzza Internet”, under which all bundles loaded of 100MB or more will be automatically doubled.

“Juzza Internet” has been introduced to reward customers for using MTN Internet bundles and make it easier and more affordable for them to enjoy the benefits of the internet, without worrying about high costs.

“We recognize that the Internet is becoming more and more important for nearly everybody, and as such, it is our goal to enable as many new connections as possible. Juzza Internet is yet another step towards realizing this goal,” said Mapula Bodibe, MTN’s Chief Marketing Officer.

“The need to have instant continued access to the internet has resulted in a higher demand from customers for data to be easily accessible at an affordable tariffs. The new Juzza Internet promotion offers customers great value and rewards them for their usage,” Mapula explained

“We know that our customers want value for money and we have thus introduced an offer that will enable our customers to enjoy a significant reduction in the costs of their Data, to satisfy their needs,” she further noted.

According to the Chief Marketing Officer, Juzza Internet is one of the ways through which MTN is demonstrating its commitment to the delivery of a Bold, New Digital World by creating new opportunities for trial plus increased use and penetration of Internet services in Uganda.

Supported by consistent investment in its network infrastructure, MTN currently boasts a countrywide 4G network that ensures customers enjoy a world-class Internet experience irrespective of their location within the country.

“Our customers are looking for a differentiated user experience with affordable data products and services. We are continuously challenging ourselves to identify new ways through which we can enable our customers to do more in their lives through our telecommunication services, including MTN Internet bundles to access the Internet,” added Ms Bodibe.

The Juzza Internet promotion will be valid for a period of 3 months, during which all Internet bundles of 100MB or more will be automatically doubled.

MTN encourages Ugandan customers to go ahead and “break the Internet” by increasing their usage; as they will now enjoy twice as much data as they would normally get when they buy and load Internet bundles, through this offer.

MTN also announced the completion of a scheduled system upgrade that will make all its bundles more durable and user friendly, delivering a much better Internet experience for all its customers.

“With the system upgrade, our bundles will now last much longer, enabling our customers to do more on the Internet for much longer,” she added.

MTN Uganda, through these efforts, aims to continue to extend Internet access to the majority of Ugandans who still don’t have access to the Internet. MTN’s effort to get Ugandan’s on to the Internet is demonstrated by aggressive investment in what is now the largest 3G and 4G networks in Uganda, introduction of a wide and affordable bundle portfolio, affordable data enabled devices and now this exciting Juzza Internet promotion.

Facts about the “Juzza Internet” promotion.

  1. Customers who load bundles of 100MB or more will be automatically doubled with the equivalent value e.g. when a customer loads 1GB, they get a total of 2GB
  2. To enter the Juzza Internet promotion, the customer dials *150*3*1#
  3. Customers can continue loading bundles the normal way i.e. using their airtime and/or Mobile Money balances
  4. If a customer wants to opt out of the promotion, they dial *150*3*2#
  5. The promotion will run for a period of 3 months
  6. This offer is not valid for MTN Social and Tooti Bundles.
  7. And owing to a systems upgrade, MTN customers using MTN data services will now be enabled to do more with their data i.e. MTN data bundles can now be used for longer subject to expiry period.


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