OurMine hacks into Twitter co-founder Evan Williams’ account

Twitter co-founder and former CEO Evan Williams appears to have been hacked by the same group that previously compromised Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter account.

Williams told Mashable that the hackers had gained access to his Twitter account via Foursquare. He did not go into more detail, but it is likely the group hacked his Foursquare and then shared a tweet to his Twitter account.

The collective managed to take over Williams’ account and post a tweet stating, “Hey, it’s OurMine Team, we are just testing your security, please send us a message (contactourmineteam@gmail.com),” before it was deleted shortly after.




OurMine is reportedly located in Saudi Arabia, and are known for previously hacking YouTube personality Markiplier and electronic musician Deadmau5.

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The attacks were probably achieved by retrieving passwords stored in people’s browsers, like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, LeakedSource said in a blog post.