How to Limit Mobile Data Usage on Your Android phone

Not everyone can afford unlimited mobile data package, that’s why it is necessary to limit how much data is consumed by your phone to avoid over-using the little you might have.

The good thing is that you won’t need to download a third-party app to chew up your space on your phone or perhaps go through so much of hassle to save on your mobile data.

Most Android phones come integrated with a data usage feature that allows use to control how much mobile data they want to use. The location of this setting will vary depending on the type of phone you’re using, however the feature runs on Android OS 4.4.2 versions or above.[related-posts]


Following these simple steps we about to show you below on how to limit the amount of data used on your Android phone, hope it works for you:

  1. Head over to your device’s Settings  and scroll to the Data Usage section. This is allocated in the wireless and network settings >> more >> Data Usage.
  2. Toggle the Set Mobile Data Limit.
  3. You’ll notice a graph with two lines; one is for specifying a limit (red line) for your data, while the other is for setting a warning (orange line).
  4. The top line is the one for limiting data, so drag it either up or down till your data limit is reached. If you choose to, you can set the data limit to be equal to your allowance, but it is advisable to set it a bit lower, just in case data usage is measured differently by your ISP.
  5. For setting a warning, drag the lower line either up or down to specify a data limit you want to receive a warning for. It would be a good idea, if for instance you placed it at 75% of your data allowance, instead of 90% or above. This would ensure that you don’t go overboard in your data usage.

That’s all..!