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5 top Ugandan Startups that you probably never knew

The business and tech space in Uganda is evolving at a very high speed, every day thousands of Ugandan entrepreneurs come up with brilliant ideas and innovations, today I give you a list of 5 top startups that continue to thrive and make money against all odds.

  1. Round bob

I only learnt of the travel aggregator round bob a few weeks back, but a search of the top startups in Uganda shows that the company is among the top 10 startups in Uganda. The company provides travel saving, group travel management and varied destination content. We also understand the company is rebranding and will be re-launching their online platform soon.


Probably you’ve received a message about this company, is one of the fastest growing startups in Uganda. is a remittance service that offers real time money transfers from all over the world to registered mobile money users in Africa. Remit’s key objective is to be the fastest, cheapest, and safest way for Africa’s Diaspora to send money home.

  1. DusuPay

Most of us know PayPal, and now we have DusuPay, Dusu pay is a payment platform that offers three packages, personal account, merchants and Retailers. As a merchant, you can use the dusu pay API and commercial site to handle transactions also the retailer account allows you to accept any kind of mobile money payment at your till area.

  1. Brain share

BrainShare is a web & mobile app that enables students to easily exchange notes, past papers, revision materials, course work or ask questions remotely. If you are a school or academic institution, brain share powers your e-learning needs with 100% customization.

  1. beyonic

Mobile money payments are on the raise and with the number of bulk payment increasing over time, beyonic is here to save your day. With Beyonic, bulk mobile money transactions are flawless. The company has built a strong clientele and is now in Uganda and Kenya.

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