GTA 5 Officially The Fourth Highest Selling Video Game Of All Time

A lot of people have bought Grand Theft Auto 5 since it was released on 17 September, 2013.

According to an earning’s call by publisher Take-Two Interactive, it’s shipped an astonishing 65 million copies across all platforms worldwide.

The game has been recognized as the 4th highest selling video game of all time, behind Tetris; released in 2006 sold 495 million copies, Wii Sports; released in 2006 sold 82.78 million copies and Minecraft; released in 2009 sold 73 million copies.

The achievement is made more impressive when you take into account that Minecraft is available for just 20.41 USD (approximately 69,000ugx) on consoles, whereas GTA 5 can cost around 58.31 USD (approximately 197,000ugx).

The game received rave reviews from critics and has continued to be popular thanks to an online multiplayer add-on and the antics of the modding community.

Available on  PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS3.

The game was originally released on PS3 and Xbox 360, by 2015 – it was available on all consoles including; PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Brief summary of the 4 best/highest selling videos games of all time

Title Release year System(s) Copies sold
Tetris 2006 Mobile, iOS, BlackBerry OS, PS Portable, Windows (PC) Phone, Android, PS 3, TI Programmable calculators 495 million
Wii Sports 2006 Wii 82.78 million
Minecraft 2009 Windows, OS X, Linux, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS 3, PS4, Mobile, Java applet, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Amazon Fire TV, Raspberry Pi, PS Vita, Wii U 73 million
Grand Theft Auto V 2013 PS 3, Xbox 360, PS 4, Xbox One, Windows (PC) 65 million


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