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Google announces IM app Allo: Key features and why it rivals Whatsapp

Google announced its new smart messaging app called Allo at the Google I/O 2016 conference. The apps boast of end-to-end encryption and claim to deliver smooth user experience. These app promises to offer great functionalities and is poised to give tough competition to the likes of WhatsApp, Snapchat ,Facebook Messenger and many others.

Allo is a standard chatting app, which works a lot like WhatsApp. The users don’t need a Google account to sign-in; all they need is a mobile number just like WhatsApp. However, the search engine giant has introduced some fun and exciting features in the Allo app that makes it very user friendly.

Google Allo comes with the Google Assistant integration, which brings the search feature into the app. The users will now be able to search for hotels, flights, movie theatres and many other things directly from this app. Along with this, the app will also be integrated with tools like YouTube , Maps, and Translate. Basically, the concierge service comes to life in this app. Something Whatsapp and other IM’s were trying to do.

Smart Reply

The Allo messaging app comes equipped with the Smart Reply feature, which was earlier seen in the Inbox app by Gmail. The Smart Reply feature provides suggestions to the users for replies at the time of texting. It uses the artificial intelligence to read the text and reply patterns of the users, and then comes up with relevant suggestions. Seems useful on paper, but does it really work? We would get to know in a few months time.

Smart Reply can identify the contents of a picture in real time, and auto-generate responses you might like to use.
Smart Reply can identify the contents of a picture in real time, and auto-generate responses you might like to use.

Bigger texts

The Google Allo users will have the ability to adjust the size of the text reply with ease. The users can increase or decrease the font size using slider buttons called ‘whisper and shout.’

The Incognito Mode

The app also comes with an incognito mode, which is built on company’s open signal protocol. The feature is designed to make the chats more secure. Moreover, the chats will also expire once the conversation is over.

Write on pictures

In order to make the conversation more interesting and engaging the Allo app allows the users to write or draw on pictures before sending them.

allo compStickers onboard

Stickers are becoming an important medium of communication. Just like, Line and WeChat Google Allo also offers stickers to make the conversation more expressive.



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