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Event: Nigeria set to host Disruptive Africa Expo

Disruptive Africa Expo is an initiative that seeks to provide interested developers, service providers and enterprises with the needed knowledge support, periodic hands-on trainings, through conferences, hackathons and other events, in order to provide a platform to support people/business in order to maximize the opportunities in disruptive technologies and thereby foster economic growth in Africa.

The event is scheduled to take place on 25th – 27th August, 2016 at the Four Points By Sheraton Hotel Lekki Lagos Nigeria.

A technology revolution characterized by continuous emergence of modern and disruptive technologies has caught the world by storm. Due to this technology revolution, it is predicted that most startups businesses might not have sufficient time to mature through business life cycles as new technologies emerge on a daily basis.

Disruptive technology possesses the capabilities of breaking the status quo and monopoly in the technology industry, thereby allowing healthy and competitive business environment not only for companies but for individuals who have been equipped with necessary tools and or ready-made platforms (PAAS & SAAS).

Against this background, Disruptive Africa Expo will seek to find the answers to these questions;

  • How prepared are Africa businesses for technology revolution?
  • What are the dangers of remaining passive about the looming technology revolution?
  • How best can we prepare and which technologies are we to take advantage of towards remaining economically sustainable in Africa?

Interested companies and individuals will have the opportunity of receiving free consultancy on disruptive technologies for development, at the event. In addition attendees will have the opportunities of networking with professionals and experts on the field both locally and internationally.

The Expo will focus around the following disruptive technologies like; Internet of Things (IoT), BigData, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (Al) and 3D printing.

Some of the speakers of this event include:

  • Ben Goertzel – Chairman, Artificial General Intelligence Society.
  • Melissa Menke – Founder & CEO at Access Afya.
  • Les Williams – CMO Externertworks.
  • Michael Ipinyomi – Robotics Engineer at Zoom Robotics.
  • DEAN BUBLEY – Founder Disruptive Analysis.

This event follows the previous Disruptive Africa expo that was held on 14th October at the same venue under the theme “Developing Africa Through Disruptive Technologies”.

For registration, visit the link.[related-posts]


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