Exhibitors showcasing their products at the Convergence Africa World 2015 Expo held on 17th-19th June in Nairobi Kenya. Image

The 2nd Convergence Africa World Conference is scheduled to take place on 22nd-24th June 2016 at Oshwal Centre(Parkland) Nairobi Kenya.

This conference converges Telecom, IT, Broadcast, Digital Media, Security and Surveillance, Mobile Money industries under one roof to showcase their technologies to the African Market.

The Convergence Africa World event will provide a platform to deliberate on convergence of these services and will focus on new age technologies and merging business solutions that harness the young population to create a wave of technological transformation in the continent.

This year’s event will be held under the theme “Connecting Africa” and will have an additional new package that includes:

  • Telecom- Special focus on Internet connectivity and next wave of telecom services.
  • IT- Cloud, Big Data, IoT, M2M, etc. provide additional opportunities.
  • Broadcast and Pay TV- Access, adoption and application for digital Africa.
  • IT Security & Surveillance- Focus on equipment, services and security controls.
  • Mobile Money- Digital technology to provide financial inclusion.
  • Smart/Digital Cities- Products, applications, services on display.

Organized by Exhibitions India Group and Afri Expos, this event follows the 1st Convergence Africa World Conference that was held on 17th-19th June in Nairobi Kenya which was a major success with about 129 participants, 2650 Business visitors, 16 participating countries and 60 speakers.

ICT Associations, Info security, IT Hardware & Software Companies, IT Parks IT Secretaries / Ministers, Marine Agencies, Media and public relations, Mobility, Online commodity trading firms, Port authorities, Head – IT / CTO/ CIO/ Networking personnel / MIS , Telecom Engineers, Bank CEO’s and many more are all encouraged to attend this conference.

In addition this is a perfect opportunity for focused businesses to network with industry bellwethers and establish new relationships.

Convergence Africa World 2016 exhibition will feature international exhibitors, and will provide a platform for exchange of information, live demos, and presentations.

To register as an exhibitor please visit link.