Job Opportunity: Technology Mentor – Tanzania Education Corporation

Image Credit: tanzaniaeducationcorp Image Credit: tanzaniaeducationcorp
Image Credit: tanzaniaeducationcorp

Responsible for guiding students through technology related projects, programming and teaching.

Tanzania Education Corporation (TEC) is looking for technology mentors/coaches during the months of July-September in Karatu, Tanzania.

TEC is a Boston based nonprofit that supports schools in Tanzania, currently Tumaini Junior and Senior Secondary Schools. Both are top performing private schools in the Arusha region of Tanzania. Though private, tuition is reasonable and a student is never sent home if they become unable to pay fees. About 40% of students receive some form of financial aid. This system has resulted in schools with almost 900 students receiving quality education from dedicated, well-paid teachers, four meals a day, clean water, invested parents, and a happy environment.

Tumaini Senior Secondary was opened in January 2016 with an emphasis on STEM and computer skills. The 46 students currently enrolled in this program are being taught programming, project-based learning and modern day technology, as well as fulfilling the government curriculum.

Around August the students will be engaged in a 2+ month project where they will come up innovative solutions that would help the local community using technology. For example: building an automatic irrigation system using soil humiditiy sensors, raspberry pi, water valve, etc.; building a security system using a raspberry pi, camera module, servos, etc.; building a cheap vaccination/medicine storage unit using thermoelectric peltier coolers.

TEC is looking for mentors/coaches who have previous experience in technology related projects, programming and teaching to visit our field offices in Tanzania and lead these students in potential projects. Each mentor will be responsible for guiding one group through the process.

Housing, food and in-state transporation will be provided for volunteers.

How to apply:
Email with your resume and cover letter.[related-posts]