Durex has started a campaign for a condom emoji to be released in an open letter to the Unicode Consortium.

The condom manufacturer wrote to the organisation, which considers applications for new emojis, as it is meeting this week.

The letter says: “Dear Unicode, this week you’re meeting to discuss new emojis for smartphones. We believe #CondomEmoji should be one of them! Remember it?”

It follows the launch of the #CondomEmoji campaign launched by Durex last November ahead of World Aids Day.

With text and emojis mixed together, Durex goes on: “The benefits are clear to see. It is not rocket science.

“Emojis have changed how young people communicate about the birds and the bees.

“A safe sex emoji will empower them to talk openly about protection. This is vital to prevent STIs including HIV and AIDS.

“Let’s make 2016 the year emojis take safe sex seriously.”

If the condom emoji is approved, the earliest it could be introduced is the middle of next year, according to Digiday.

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