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Will Samsung’s “Waffle” Make You Hungry ?

Samsung has rolled out a new platform (they are not calling it a social network, but we leave that to you to figure.) An app they are calling “Waffle” on National Pi day. The name instantly makes one hungry but let’s see why the app makes you even hungrier.

Waffle, a grid-like app for users to add pictures and videos attributed to a certain occasion, say birthday or trip, also allows other friends to contribute content in video and picture formats to that particular occasion, forming a collaborative story in form of a grid. These grids keep growing with the contributions made by several users. Which also raises privacy concerns. However Samsung is providing users an option of connecting with friends only through a layer of privacy.

Take a look at the working of “Waffle” and decide what you’ll be having for lunch!

Samsung has not had much luck with their food or drink applications in the past but continues to test these waters with “Waffle”, now available on Android in beta and we wait to see where this goes.


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