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Event: The 13th Annual East AfricaCom 2016

The 13th annual East AfricaCom is set to take place at Radisson blu,Nairobi Kenya on the 18th – 19th May, 2016.

East AfricanCom which is part of the knowledge & networking division of Informa PLC presents a forum for high level networking across telecoms, broadcasting, enterprise ICT and the entire digital community to translate meetings and experiences into real business gains.

It represents the most radical region of the continent for mobile and digital communications, mobile money and ICT development.

East AfricaCom has an exciting and educative topics which will cover everyone of their target audience such as: how to launch a TV channel in the digital world for the broadcast media, how to gain edge from streamlining technical and infrastructure operations to investing in service delivery, transforming the digital enterprise through the CIPO forum, putting mobile and increasing video at the centre of the consumer’s experience for enterprises that want to retain their customers.

The 12th annual East AfricaCom event held at Safari Park Hotel Nairobi Kenya from 6th-7th May 2015. Image Credit: disrupt-africa
The 12th annual East AfricaCom event held at Safari Park Hotel Nairobi Kenya from 6th-7th May 2015. Image Credit: disrupt-africa

This event brings a wide range of benefits to its audience among others; business partnerships, one to one meetings, evening networking and transformational exhibitions.   Regulators, operators ISPs, digital leaders, innovators will use East African com to discuss high level infrastructure projects, broadband and LTE rollout, reducing costs of 3G networks and also point out the key challenges for rural telecoms and connectivity hinderances across the region.

ICT leaders and heads of technology at SME’s and large corporations will also gather at this event to discuss how quality ICT is a necessity tool for enterprises and large corporations to transform into efficient digital businesses.

A wide range of speakers will grace the event such as: Bobbie Mellor; Government Campaign Manager Vodafone Group, Yvonne Makolo; CMO MTN Rwanda, Larry Mdowo; Technology Editor & Anchor NTV Kenya, Mark Lisboa; Vice President StarTimes Kenya, Katherine W. Getao; ICT Secretary Ministry of ICT Kenya, Thibaud Rerolle; Chief Technical Officer Safaricom and many more.

This event is only FREE for regional operators and regulators (senior level).

For applications, bookings and registration, follow their link.


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