ProtonMail Releases Mobile Apps for iOS and Android Devices

ProtonMail, the world’s largest encrypted email provider, late last week launched free iOS and Android mobile apps globally, in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, respectively.

For the past two years, ProtonMail has been invite-only and today has over 1 million users participating in its closed beta, including businesses, journalists, activists, and private individuals.

The Company’s innovative email service features end-to-end encryption which was founded in May 2014, created by former CERN and MIT scientists, makes it practically impossible for governments, or even ProtonMail itself, to gain access to user’s messages, ensuring the highest level of security and privacy.

The Company has been frequently thrust into the public debate over encryption and terrorism for the past two years, and like Apple, has on occasion needed to fight governments to protect user privacy.

“Strong encryption and privacy are a social and economic necessity, not only does this technology protect activists and dissidents, it is also key to securing the world’s digital infrastructure,” says ProtonMail Co-Founder and CEO, Dr. Andy Yen.

In light of recent challenges against encryption and privacy, ProtonMail decided to open the service for public registration so anyone that wants an encrypted email account can obtain one immediately.

Dr. Yen says, “The best way to ensure that encryption and privacy rights are not encroached upon is to get the tools into the hands of the public as soon as possible and widely distributing them,” and that’s why they’re putting the choice in the hands of the consumer, and not government regulators.

The company concludes saying, “Unlike tech-companies like Google and Facebook who abuse user privacy to sell ads, ProtonMail is entirely dependent on users upgrading to paid accounts to cover expenses.”

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