Microsoft Partners With Canonical to bring Ubuntu Linux To Windows 10

A new report has revealed that very soon, you’ll soon be able to run Ubuntu on Windows 10.

The new report from ZDNet, says Microsoft is likely to announce a partnership between Canonical and Microsoft that would aim to bring Ubuntu on Windows 10.

With this development, users will be able to run Ubuntu simultaneously with Windows operating system. This will be making Ubuntu an integrated part of Windows 10, not just some virtual machine.


The details won’t be revealed until tomorrow’s morning keynote speech at Microsoft Build. It is believed that Ubuntu will run on top of Windows 10’s recently and quietly introduced Linux subsystems in a new Windows 10 Redstone build.

The sources insist that Microsoft and Canonical will not, however, be integrating Linux per se into Windows. Instead, Ubuntu will primarily run on a foundation of native Windows libraries.

This is a major step forward in the integration of Windows and Linux on the developer desktop.