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Facebook Messenger Adds Music Sharing With Spotify

We have been seeing social media platforms updating and upgrading their services, from security to privacy to new features and so on. Recently, WhatsApp Inc. add the new feature that allows you to send and share PDF files in your chats.

Social media platform, “Facebook Messenger,” an instant messaging service owned by Facebook Inc., updated a new feature to its platform, now has its very first music integration with Spotify, a digital music service.

Now all the iOS and Android users can now find the new feature in the “More” section in your Chat Threads. All you need to do is, Tap on it and they’ll be shuttled into the Spotify’ App where they can search for something to share.

Once you have selected a song or an artist or a playlist of your choice, you’ll be directed back to the Messenger App with the option of you sharing the cover artwork of the song. Once your friends tap on the cover artwork that you’ve shared, they’ll be bounced over to Spotify to listen to the song.

Share a cover artwork to your friends. Image Credit: TechCrunch
Share a cover artwork to your friends. Image Credit: TechCrunch

Spotify already has its own internal sharing option that allows you to connect and send songs straight to your friends via emails, SMS, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

With the Facebook Messenger, there’s no extra typing required, all you need to do is she a cover art with your friends and they will get to listen to the jam.[related-posts]


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  1. And even though I’m still using Facebook, I won’t use a messenger that lacks any kind of privacy protection. I don’t like others reading my chats or using them for marketing purposes (which is why I only chat with Threema). Having said that, Spotify integration is a nice touch. I’ll admit that.

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