Airtel Rwanda has launched The Airtel business product to provide custom-made end-to-end business and enterprise solutions with cutting-edge technology.

The new product, headed by Phillip Onzoma, the Director of Airtel Business is designed to meet requirements for every business, regardless of its size and geographical location.

Mr Onzoma said the products are focused on communication, connectivity and collaboration, and added that Airtel Rwanda is capitalizing on its exceptional data technology; large footprint across the globe as well as its excellent reputation to offer telecommunication solutions that will cater for all kinds of enterprise needs to boost local business industry.

Michael Adjei, the Airtel Rwanda Managing Director said that Airtel which is third largest mobile operator in the world boasts of more than 353 million customers across Africa and Asia generating more than $15 billion in annual revenues.

Airtel Rwanda has over 300 sites offering data connectivity to all its customers.