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Activate link sharing quickly via the “Get sharable link” icon in Drive web

Tech companies all over the world keep on updating their products and services for better user management, from security to privacy to data storage and so on. Social media companies such; Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram have always had these changes, not leaving out the likes of other non social media platforms such as; Amazon, Microsoft, Skype. Facebook Inc. recently made a change on their platform where by, you are now able to add up-to 5 featured images you love most, plus, you can now also add a bio to your profile and so forth. While Facebook was updating their platform, Whatsapp Inc. wasn’t also just seated down, the social media company was also coming up with greater emphasis on security features and more ways to let people stay in touch with their loved ones.

Screen shot by: Nathan Ernest Olupot

Earlier this week, Google Inc. also just had an update on their google  drive platform. The company is making it easier to turn on file sharing in Drive on the web. All you have to do is, just select a file and click on the “Get sharable link” icon on the top right-hand side menu. The sharing link will be copied to the clipboard for easy distribution and will provide view access to anyone in your domain who receives the link. Google Drive allows users to easily share files with collaborators through access control permissions and sharable links.

To prevent accidental over-sharing, the user will see an animation when clicking the link icon that makes it clear that the permissions are being changed to allow the link to be shared with view access with those who will be receiving it.

In addition, there is a confirmation message that appears on the screen, alerting users of the change in permissions, and giving them the option to easily undo it.

This change makes the experience with the link icon in Drive web consistent with how the process works in the Drive sharing dialog and the Drive mobile apps.[related-posts]

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