The Most Successful Games of 2015

We have a whole new year ahead of us, with some amazing games expected to hit the market. But 2015 was also spectacular, with many titles to be excited about. The allslotscasino.com bullseye-slot was one of my favorites, based on a popular UK television show, but I have a taste apart – not necessarily in tune with the trends. Here are the games the gaming community has considered the best in the year that’s passed.

Star Wars Battlefront

2015 was the year of Star Wars, with the latest movie in the saga released in December. People spent the year in anticipation of the movie, but also about the newest Star Wars gaming experience. The game has been under development for a while, but it was worth the wait: the game is one of the best Star Wars title ever. It offers a great experience not just to hardcore, long time SW fans, but also the young “padawans” getting their first taste of the franchise with The Force Awakens.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

Considered one of the funniest titles in the series, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate brings a fresh breath of humor into the game’s universe. The gaming community is desperately asking for more similar games, filled with gang-related chaos and exciting gameplay. And it was the perfect introduction to the movie based on the game, set to be released during 2016.


A first person shooter by Nintendo? Are you nuts? But hey, it has become a reality during 2015. Well, kind of – in Splatoon you wield an ink gun, and sometimes you can turn into a squid. The goal is not to shoot enemies either, but to keep as much of the play area covered in your colour as possible. While not a revolutionary title, it is one of the best games Nintendo has launched for years.

Rocket League

Balls and cars combined in a video game? Well, the concept might not be new, but none of the titles have been so brilliantly executed as Rocket League. It’s a stupid game, yet incredibly entertaining with all its wall-climbing, blasting-off and smashing into each other.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The third Witcher game in the series has finally brought large-scale success for the title. The PC-only franchise has suddenly grown into a multi-platform powerhouse, with smooth and satisfying combat and an ambiguous plot. The game feels like something made by a passionate team, adding even more to its worth.

Fallout 4

And last, but not least, the game we’ve been waiting for since 2008, the fourth installment of the post-apocalyptic RPG/FPS Fallout. The game was a resounding success, leaving its mark on the real world as well – like when the number of sick leaves has skyrocketed when the game was released. Crafting, exploration and fighting has never been combined so masterfully in one game – which is a veritable time-sink.

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  1. 1. Isn’t Splatoon a 3rd person shooter, not a 1st? 2. Shouldn’t Mario Maker be on this list over Rocket League?

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