Google Science Fair 2014. Image Credit: OpportunityDesk
Google Science Fair 2014. Image Credit: OpportunityDesk

The Google science Fair once again is here and submissions opened yesterday. Together with LEGO Education, National Geographic, Scientific American and Virgin Galactic, they’re inviting all the young innovators and explorers out there to make/innovate something better through science and engineering.

“I remember the day I first heard about the Google Science Fair last year. I was sitting in my 10th grade science class when my teacher asked us: “What will you try?” I loved the invitation and the challenge that the Google Science Fair offered. It was a chance to use science to do something that could really make a difference in the world.” Said Olivia Hallisey, 2015 Grand Prize winner

The 2015 Grand Prize Winner gave a few tips from her own experience in the 2015 Google Science Fair to all those that are to participate in the Science Fair;

Look at the world around you for ideas, find a mentor who’s interested in the same things as you and finally, don’t get discouraged often what first appears like failure can teach you so much more.

“Science isn’t just a subject it’s a way to make things better. So I hope you’ll join the conversation and enter the Google Science Fair this year. Our world is waiting to see what you come up with!” she added.

To learn more about the competition, how to enter, prize details and more, visit the site, and follow along on Google+ and Twitter.

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