Event: The 1st Uganda Trade Expo Is Here

The Uganda Trade Expo  will be held at Lugogo Exhibition Center in Kampala from 13th March to the 15th March 2016. The expo is an opportunity for businessmen to showcase their latest products and services as well as get an opportunity to tap into booming markets in neighboring regions and beyond. As such, a array of investors and businessmen as expected to be present as the 3 day expo looking to penetrate the Ugandan market in a big way.

Businessmen have been keeping a keen eye on Uganda’s economic performance as the country continues to develop into a rapidly emerging market for consumer and capital goods from around the world.They realize the great potential the country holds as an up-and-coming market and are now beginning to penetrate the Ugandan market in a big way.

Ugandan currently boasts the fastest-growing economy in East Africa, and is working to better the lives of its people by moving towards a representative government and laying the groundwork to establish a viable commercial market.

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