Airtel money subscribers to win cash in “Yoola Amajja” campaign

For Airtel Money subscribers, the year might as well have just started! February comes bearing gifts, big cash as Airtel Uganda Launches their Yoola Amajja campaign to reward their growing Airtel Money subscriber base. In a 90 day campaign where Airtel Money subscribes could win up to 2 million Uganda shillings in a daily draw and up to 20,000,000 Uganda shillings in a grand draw.

The rewards campaign follows tremendous efforts which have been made to boost the functionality and efficiency of the Airtel Money platform. To boost financial inclusion, the platform now offers services such as; E-city payments, mobile banking, utility bill payments, school fees payments among others.

The ‘Yoola Amaja’ campaign is going to give Ugandans in 24 regions of the country an opportunity to win this money through regional activations that will be carried out throughout the course of the 3-month period. So feel free to inform your entire clan back in the village to get ready to ‘pick cash’ literally![related-posts]

To answer the big question: How does one win with Yoola Amajja?

  • Transact through a mobile banking transaction i.e, send money from one’s Airtel money account to their bank account.
  • Top up a minimum of 500 worth of airtime through Airtel money
  • Purchase a voice bundle through Airtel Money
  • Make a cash withdrawal from Airtel Money
  • Purchase a data bundle through Airtel Money
  • Send Money to another person using Airtel money
  • Pay bills using Airtel Money
Airtel Money Director Paul Langlois addresses journalists during the launch.
Airtel Money Director Paul Langlois addresses journalists during the launch.

Speaking at the official launch of the campaign, Airtel Money Director Mr. Paul Langlois said “Over the next 90 days, Airtel Uganda will be giving its Airtel Money subscribers the best value back seeing as they will be rewarded for each transaction,” adding that Airtel has run very many successful campaigns in the past and therefore this is just an extension to an already existing history of the brand and its promise to continually reward customers.

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