Here’s how much a guy made for owning for 1 minute

Google’s own domain was bought from under its nose for $12 in October, and Google just revealed how much money it paid to get it back.

After seeing “” available for purchase on Google Domains, Sanmay Ved went for it, and owned the most iconic domain name of all time for a grand total of 1 minute. After seeing what happened, Google quickly cancelled the purchase, and later gave him an undisclosed reward.

The amount Google paid him $6,006.13 which is “Google” spelled with numbers, the company announced in a blog post. According to Business Insider, Ved donated his reward to The Art of Living India, and upon hearing that, Google doubled the amount.

The blog post details Google’s security awards program, where it awards people who find security flaws and bugs within Google. According to the post, the company gave out over $2 million in 2015 to over 300 researchers.[related-posts]



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