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Apple releases new Music Memos app and updated GarageBand for iOS devices

Apple has announced a new app for its music lovers and creators called Music Memos. The app allows budding musicians and professionals to capture, organise and store their musical ideas on their Apple iPhones. Also pushed out was a major update for the Garageband app that adds Live Loops, a new feature that lets users quickly build tracks and beats, and even add effects to their music on the move.

The new Music Memos app was inspired from the fact that many musicians ended up recording sounds, tunes and even the ideas for the same using the built-in Voice Memos app. Apple simply upgraded the Voice Memos app and added some more features including some musician-friendly ones designed specifically for songwriting and developing musical ideas.

But there’s more. Musicians can now record high-quality uncompressed audio and store them for use in editing. The app also gets smarter and can analyse rhythm and chords of acoustic guitar and piano recordings, and instantly add drums and a bass line to provide a virtual, customisable backing band that plays along to match the feel of your song.

Moreover with iCloud integration, the same creations will also be instantly available across other Apple devices for editing on professional apps as well. And talking about sharing, Apple Music Connect will  only make things even better.

Coming to the older app, GarageBand that has now been updated, Apple has finally added iPad Pro and more importantly, 3D Touch support on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus models.

Image Credit: Wired
Image Credit: Wired

The new feature comes in the form of Live Loops that allows anyone to create music by simply tapping cells and columns in a highly visual grid to trigger different looped instruments and samples. More importantly, the Live Loops can be creative ‘live’ on your iOS device which almost simulates a DJ station. The brains in GarageBand on the hand will work in sync and add the necessary beats and pitch to accompany your loop.[related-posts]

The new Apple Music Memos is available for free on the App Store and is compatible with all iDevices from iPhone 4s and iPad 2 onwards. GarageBand 2.1 for iOS comes bundled and is free with new iOS devices that have an internal storage capacity of 32GB or more.



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