The MTN crew helping out customers with registering their sim cards.
The MTN crew helping out customers with registering their sim cards.

Like many other Ugandans, Joan Ninsiima, an Accountant at a Kampala Hotel was very aware of the impending SIM Card registration deadline, but somehow didn’t actually act on the information, and on 30th November was disconnected. Joan didn’t notice immediately as she had her two main SIM cards registered and went on with her business until last week when she whipped out her MTN 4G mi-fi to renew her bundle since she was going to be out of town for a few days and wouldn’t be able to use the internet at her workplace.

When she powered it up and opened the Huawei application, she was greeted with several text messages, including texts about her bundle that had expired, and reminders to register her SIM. Unfortunately she was already on a bus to Mbale when she discovered this. Luckily her frustration was cut short when she read one of the most recent texts:

“Y’ello! You have received FREE 10GB & 250 on-net minutes from MTN, valid till 6th Jan-16. Simply complete your SIM registration today to enjoy this great offer.”

Long story short, she didn’t have to spend on a bundle as she simply registered her SIM to redeem the free data.

Her friends who are in the dark are still wondering how she’s able to watch YouTube videos without fear of her bundle running out!

You can also partake of the prizes awaiting subscribers who register their SIM cards before 6th January. When you register, you stand a chance to win a combination of free data and free minutes, either 10 GB + 250 minutes, 5 GB + 500 minutes or 2 GB + 1,000 minutes.

With a 10 GB data bundle currently going for UGX 125,000 and 250 minutes worth UGX 45,000 at the famous 3 /= per second rate, MTN is indeed making it worthwhile for anyone to reconnect their SIM card.

In addition to mobile communication services, subscribers who reconnect their SIM cards are able to resume using MTN Mobile Money where 72% of all utility bills in Uganda are being paid, with total monthly transaction value exceeding UGX 1.8 trillion.

You can select any of 4 options to register your SIM card. Visit the MTN website to see details:

These offers are valid until 6th January 2016, so the sooner you register, the better so that you can enjoy the data and minutes before they expire.