Samsung unveils new BRITECELL camera technology

The South Korean electronics giant has unveiled this BRITECELL camera technology that improves the quality of low light photos. The picture taken from this camera in low light condition will be more sharp and bright, as this tech uses the RWB filter instead of the traditional Bayer filter that is currently used in most of the smartphones. The BRITECELL camera from Samsung will be 17 percent thinner than the traditional in the smartphone market.

The company has tested this tech with 16 mega pixel sensor camera at the investor forum, but we may see different sensors in the final product. Another 20 mega pixel camera sensors was also there at the forum. So we can’t say that which camera is going to be used in Samsung Galaxy S7.[related-posts]

There are some rumors that suggest that the new Samsung Galaxy S7 will be launched in February 2016. As of now, we are also not certain that this new camera tech is going to be used in Samsung Galaxy S7 or not. We just have to wait for some official confirmation.Samsung is working on a new camera technology. The company has unveiled the BRITECELL camera technology at the Samsung Investors Forum 2015. This new technology will be used in Samsung products from next year. This new camera tech from Samsung will allow you to capture good photos in low light.

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