Samsung Galaxy Note 5 And S6 Edge Plus: Which One’s A Better Option?

Samsung Electronics recently launched two new phablets; the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and the latest addition to its Note series, the Galaxy Note 5. The unique design of S6 Edge has made it popular among tech enthusiasts around the globe, which pushed the company to launch a phablet version of the same device. Whereas, the Note series has been popular among smartphones patrons since the launch of the first Galaxy Note.

The two new devices are remarkable when compared to the flagships in the smartphone industry; however, users might not really be able to choose between the two new devices as the specs which both the phablets host are pretty much similar. This being the reason we have decided to compare the two phablets and find out what differentiates them.

Build and Design
The first feature, which we have decided to evaluate is the design of both the phones. If you are familiar with the S6 Edge, then just picture it having a bigger screen and the same aluminum body covered with a glass on the back. Whereas, the latest Note device has the S6’s design, as it too has glass and aluminum back. To sum up one can say that Note 5 is exactly the same in terms of design as S6 Edge Plus, only that the screen is not curved on the sides. What users might hate about both the devices is that they have no options to replace their battery or to increase storage memory as the backs of both the devices are covered.

Hardware Components
The build is not the only similar feature as company powers both of these phablets with Exynos 7420 processors and 4GB RAM. Keeping in view the hardware it is highly unlikely these smartphones will have any issue while handling heavy information or excessive gaming with 4GB of RAM and high end chipset under the hood. Users might not have the option to extend the storage capacity with an external SD card, but the built in 32GB capacity is enough for normal usage.

The major concern for most of the smartphones users is battery life, but it is not a thing to worry about if you own the S6 Edge Plus or Note 5 as both are packed with a 3000 mAh battery.

Another feature which is likely to confuse buyers is the camera, as both include a 16 megapixels rear and a 5 megapixels front shooter. Face-detection, autofocus and Auto-HDR are similar features of the camera on both the devices. However, Note 5 camera adds touch focus along with the above-mentioned features that are common among both the handsets.

Additional features
In terms of added feature, Note 5 comes with an accessory that sets the Note series apart from other phablets in the industry, a stylus. The stylus surely makes it a good buy, but if you choose Note 5 over S6 Edge because of it, then you will be missing out on the amazing curved display that the latter-mentioned device features. So technically, these are the main features that set the devices apart.

As the above comparison clearly indicates that there is very less to differentiate the two high-end handsets. So it totally depends upon user preference, if one has previously been using the Note series, chances are high that you will end up buying the new Note 5. While if the Galaxy S Series has attracted you from the beginning, then the curve-edged screen is an added reason for you to get the S6 Edge Plus.



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