A robot is lining up for 2 days for an iPhone 6S

We’ve reported in the past about the madness that always surrounds Apple’s annual product refreshes. In 2012 a teenager sold his kidney so he could afford the iPhone and other gadgets, and this month two Chinese men were arrested before they could successfully sell their kidneys to an online agent to raise cash for the iPhone 6S. Then in 2013 a couple from Shanghai put their daughter up for adoption illegally and used part of the proceeds to buy an Apple iPhone and iPad. There’s a sperm bank, also in China, that is enticing donors with promises of a free iPhone 6S.

Now one Apple fan who badly wants to be the first to get the iPhone 6S but couldn’t get 2 days off work to line up has sent a robot to do the dirty work for her! The telepresence robot named Lucy after its owner is essentially an iPad attached to a Sedway-type device so it allows her to be there without being there physically.[related-posts]

The robot took the fourth position in the line at the flaghsip Apple store at 5am, and the owner is communicating through it from the warmth of her office.

Apparently the company she works for, media Agency Atomic 212 has sourced and build 6 of these robots to play with in the office, and they use them for everything, just to show new technology.

The robot is awaiting the arrival of the latest iPhones on Friday, the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus. Australia is the first country in the world to get the devices, due to the advantage of timezones.



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