Light version of Windows 10 made for the Internet of Things released

Microsoft has publicly released Windows 10 Internet of Things(IoT) Core, a pared down version of the operating system for the Internet of Things.

IoT Core will run on the Raspberry Pi 2 and Minnowboard Max, and can work on devices regardless of whether they have a display.

The operating system is a light version of the Windows 10 OS, so there’s no Windowed interface or desktop experience; instead developers must create a universal app that functions as the interface for your device.

A preview of  Windows 10 IoT Core was first released at Microsoft’s Build conference in May, but there have been significant upgrades to the OS since then. Most notably, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth now work, helping keep your devices connected to the Web.

Improvements include better support for Python and Node.js and new APIs for the Universal Windows Platform that powers Windows 10 apps. You can see the full list of improvements here.

According to Microsoft, IoT Core is designed to have a low barrier for entry and make it easy to build professional devices, and works with a variety of open source languages.

Several code samples for IoT devices are already available on Github, and it’s also worked to make it easy for Arduino boards to communicate with Windows 10. Full projects can also be found on  Download IoT Core for free here.



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