MTN launches “Uganda’s Internet Leader” thematic campaign

KAMPALA, Uganda – MTN Uganda launched a new multi-channel data thematic campaign titled “Uganda’s Internet Leader”.

The campaign was launched on Monday June 22nd, 2015, and articulates MTN’s confidence that with MTN, you can be able to do more of all the things you love to do, on the largest 4G network in the country.

Currently, the total number of internet users in Uganda is estimated at just over 6.8 million of which about 3.4million are mobile data subscribers. Compared with the voice penetration of 53%, data penetration is still very low at just 25%.

MTN Uganda is taking an initiative, not only to bring the internet to some communities for the first time, but also to upgrade those using traditional technologies like 2G to  faster and wider 3G internet connectivity.

Ericsson estimates that doubling the speed of broadband can directly impact the GDP growth by 0.3%, while according to UNESCO, for every 10% increase in data penetration, developing countries could add as much as 1.3% growth to their GDP. Such is the significance of internet in the modern era.

MTN would like to continue to drive growth in data access and connectivity, leveraging  its extensive investment over the past 3 years as well as to increase access to affordable 3G devices, thereby  maintaining its leadership position in the provision of data services in Uganda.

Commenting on the new campaign, the Chief Marketing Officer, Ms. Mapula Bodibe said;

“Central to MTN’s strategy is to increase the penetration of 3G devices on our network – so as to drive an increase in data penetration and usage and superior customer experience for MTN customers.”

“As a leading ICT brand in the market, MTN believes a strong focus on digitization will usher in a new world order for emerging markets. This involves taking deliberate actions, such as continued investment in the growth of 3G connectivity, to enable technology infrastructure development and advancement,” said Ms. Bodibe.

MTN’s leadership in the Internet category dates back to 2010, where MTN Uganda showed its commitment to all its customers, by giving 10 MB of free data every month, an offering that was later increased to 15 MB, to be enjoyed all its customers until recently. This proposition was anchored by the Internet is a Human Right campaign that launched in 2011.

“To lead innovation means enabling our customers to do more in their lives, thereby delivering on our vision of a bold new digital world. Our customers are looking for a differentiated user experience with affordable data products and services,” said Mr Brian Gouldie, CEO of MTN Uganda.

Through its latest efforts, MTN Uganda  aims to continue to extend internet access to the majority of Ugandans who still  don’t have access to the internet; demonstrated by its investment in the largest 3G and 4G networks in Uganda as well as recent announcement of an aggressive reduction on its internet bundles, enabling its customers to connect to the digital world on a world class MTN network, making MTN’s bundle pricing arguably the most competitive in the market right now.

“MTN customers are looking for convenience and value for money, coupled with a good quality experience and there no one better positioned to deliver on that than MTN in Uganda, thereby cemeting MTN’s position as Uganda’s internet leader” concludes Bodibe.

For the latest deals, customers can check the MTN website.


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