Last week, Huawei launched their Digital inCloud Eastern and Southern Africa regional center at the 5th Annual VAS Africa summit.

VAS Africa summit attracted over 70 carriers and Service Providers (SPs)/ Content Providers (CPs) in the region.

Huawei says it is the first global solutions provider to bring Digital inCloud solution to Africa and say the Digital inCloud solution will facilitate: ease of distribution and trade between consumer, carriers, and partners of digital products/services.

“This facilitation will be achieved through improved content aggregation, better management of local and global digital content,” said Felix Tang, Director of Huawei Eastern & Southern Region Carrier Software Department.

The regional center is dedicated to building Africa’s digital eco-system through cooperation of Operators and Local and Global partners, to introduce digital services to Africa and vice versa.

The centre ‘s localised business operation promotes African carriers and partners to develop digital products and services enabling them to compete globally.

Huawei Digital inCloud has globally aggregated over 2,000 partners with over 200,000 high-quality digital content and has served over 140M carrier users.

The content covers digital music, mobile games, videos, API openness, traffic monetization, B2B Cloud and M2M.

Digital inCloud Eastern and Southern Africa regional center brings Huawei’s global distribution network nodes from 8 to 9.